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Do you have placename information for us?

If you have some documentary evidence that reveals how an Australian placename got its name, use this page to tell us. One of our research staff will respond as soon as possible. 

We normally respond by email; but if this is not suitable let us know how to contact you in the Comments field below.

Please note: You need to enter information into the fields marked with an asterisk, otherwise the email will not be sent.


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Please enter your information in the fields below.  When complete, press the 'Send' button; your contact details, together with your research material, will be sent to the Australian National Placenames Survey.  One of our researchers will respond shortly.

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The information you have contributed will become a part of the ANPS database. That database will ultimately be made available, via the ANPS website, to any student, researcher or member of the public who is interested in the history, origin and meaning of Australian placenames.

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