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Database Development

The ANPS database design has been implemented in a Microsoft Access database developed by Greg Windsor of the NSW Geographical Names Board. This type of database allows a large number of placenames to be entered but is also flexible and can be upgraded to larger platform, such as Oracle. Version 1.9.0 of the database can be distributed to the Survey's research friends, for those who are familiar with Access. Our recommendation, however, is that researchers enter their data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for later input to the database. Our Resources page contains a link to download the spreadsheet and the instructions for data entry

If you are interested in being involved in data collection and entry, please contact Research Co-ordinators Rafe Benli (if you are researching placenames in Victoria), or Michele Lang (if you are researching placenames in Queensland), or David Blair (for the rest of Australia).

To find out more about the development of the database read the cover article from June 2004 Placenames Australia.




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