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Research Friends

It is an enormous task to undertake the study of all the placenames in Australia and the project will certainly not succeed without the combined efforts of many people. As a result the ANPS is inviting members of the public to become volunteer Research Friends of the ANPS. The survey hopes that much of the research information about Introduced placenames will be collected by interested individuals and members of historical societies all over Australia. Indeed, the survey frequently finds that many of the truly interesting and valuable toponymic discoveries are dug up by amateur enthusiasts or local history researchers who come across a reference in a diary, letter or a newspaper article that would otherwise never been discovered.

Research into Indigenous placenames requires special knowledge and linguistic expertise so information about Indigenous placenames will be collected by Indigenous and non-Indigenous linguists, ethnologists and other specialists in conjunction with Indigenous communities, speakers of Australian languages and their descendents. The ANPS is forging links with researchers and community organisations involved language and cultural work in order to support research into Indigenous placenames.

If you are interested in becoming a Research Friend of the ANPS, you can email David Blair or click here.






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