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Which of the following is not an Australian placename?

a) Mount Deception
b) Mount Discouragement
c) Mount Disappointment
d) Mount Hopeless

a) Adventure Bay
b) Disaster Bay
c) Encounter Bay
d) Repulse Bay

a) Anxious Bay
b) Excitement Bay
c) Peaceful Bay
d) Weary Bay

a) Attack Creek
b) Battle Gully
c) Lake Massacre
d) Skirmish Point

a) Cape Catastrophe
b) Cape Tribulation
c) Point Danger
d) Point Perilous

a) Fortunate Islands
b) Lucky Bay
c) Preservation Island
d) Providential Channel

a) Bountiful Island
b) Lake Sufficiency
c) Mount Abundance
d) Plenty River

a) Bay of Rest
b) Lake Repose
c) Peaceful Bay
d) Serene Island

a) Fairy Glen
b) Port Fairy
c) Oberon
d) Titania Hollow

a) Bagdad
b) Carinthia
c) Denmark
d) Lima

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