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        General Editor:  David Blair

This Series of technical reports presents the background research undertaken by members of the Survey. The papers arise from work on the standardised data model of ANPS, and represent much of the decision-making involved in establishing the principles and processes of the Survey.

  • APIT Technical Report No 1 Towards a standard geographic feature set: Elevated relief features (2002), by David Blair and Caroline Henderson-Brooks

  • APIT Technical Report No 2 Towards a standard geographic feature set: Vegetation features within a broad taxonomy (2003), by David Blair

  • ANPS Technical Paper No 1 A standard geographic feature catalogue for toponymic research (2008), by David Blair [Version 3.1, January 2014] First published as APIT Technical Report No 3, 2006.

  • ANPS Technical Paper No 2 Motivations for naming: a toponymic typology (2009), by Jan Tent and David Blair

  • ANPS Technical Paper No 3 Feature terms for Australian toponymy (2015), by David Blair and Jan Tent

  • ANPS Technical Paper No 4 The Australian National Placenames Survey: Principles and practice (2017), by David Blair



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