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        General Editor:  David Blair

The Survey releases, from time to time, records of toponymic data which have been prepared by our researchers. Although the data may not be in the final form which ANPS requires of its Placename Reports, it may still be found useful and interesting by those whose interests extend to the placenames of the particular locality.

  • ANPS Data Report No 1 Norfolk Island [2016], by Joshua Nash

  • ANPS Data Report No 2 Dudley Peninsula [2016], by Joshua Nash

  • ANPS Data Report No 3 Hornsby Shire 1886-1906 [in preparation], by Hornsby Shire Historical Society

  • ANPS Data Report No 4 Placenames of Western Australia from 19th Century Exploration [2016], by Lesley Brooker

  • ANPS Data Report No 5 Ocean Beach Names: Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong [2016], by David Blair

  • ANPS Data Report No 6 Darling Downs: Natural Features and Pastoral Runs 1827-1859 [2017], by Dale Lehner


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