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Looking for information on an Australian placename?

At this stage of the Survey, we have limited information available on the history of our placenames. We suggest that, as a first step, you might try searching one of the following websites:

The National Gazetteer, Geoscience Australia, National Mapping Division

Australian Capital Territory Land Information Centre

Geographical Names Board of New South Wales

Placenames in the Northern Territory

Department of Natural Resources Queensland

Place Names Online, South Australian State Gazetteer

Nomenclature Board of Tasmania

Names and Places in Western Australia, Department of Lands Administration

Victorian Place Names

Secondly, and although we cannot guarantee that you will find the correct answer, the information you are seeking may also be in one of the following published dictionaries of placenames, available at your local library:

Appleton, Richard and Barbara Appleton. The Cambridge Dictionary of Australian Places. Cambridge, New York, Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 1992.

Blake, L. J. Place names of Victoria. Adelaide: Rigby, 1977.

Cockburn, Rodney. South Australia, what's in a name? Nomenclature of South Australia. Authoritative derivations of some 4000 historically significant place names: Ferguson, 1984 edition (first published 1908).

Department of the Environment, Land and Planning. Canberra's Suburb and Street Names. History, Origins and Meanings. Canberra: Australian Capital Territory Government Printer, 1992.

Kennedy, Brian and Barbara Kennedy. Australian Place Names. Sydney: ABC Books, 2006.

Manning, Geoffrey H. Manning's Place Names of South Australia. Adelaide: published by the author, printed and bound by Gillingham Printers, 1990.

Praite, Ronald, and John Clifford Tolley. Place Names of South Australia. Adelaide: Rigby, 1970.

Reed, Alexander Wycliff. Place Names of Australia. Chatswood, Sydney: A.W. Reed, part of William Heinemann Australia, 2nd ed., 1987.

Wajnryb, Ruth. Australian Place Name Stories. Melbourne: Lothian Books, 2006.

If those searches fail, it's possible we have some information about the history, origin or meaning of the placename you're interested in. Tell us the name of the place, which type of place it is (e.g., hill, river, town, suburb), which State/Territory or local government area it's located in, and any other information you already know about it.

We normally respond by email; but if this is not suitable let us know how to contact you in the Further Details field below.

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