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Supporting Placenames Australia
We realise that not everyone who wishes to support the Australian National Placenames Survey can do so by carrying out toponymic research and supplying information for our database. There is another way - become a Supporting Member of Placenames Australia! In doing so, you'll help the Survey and its volunteer researchers by providing infrastructure support. In return, you'll have the assurance that you'll be helping ensure the continued existence of this prestige national project, and we'll guarantee to keep you in touch by emailing you a digital copy of this quarterly newsletter.

The Survey has no funding of its own - it relies on the generosity of its supporters, both corporate and individual.

A number of institutions support us by an annual $250 corporate subscription or by donations in kind. But our annual subscription for individual Supporting Members is $25, and we rely very much on that support. A small $25 annual contribution to Placenames Australia will make a big difference to the work of the Australian National Placenames Survey.

Our financial year begins on 1 July, and there are two ways you can send your contribution.

You can send a cheque to our Treasurer:
Placenames Australia
PO Box 5160

You can arrange a bank transfer:
Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB 032 089
a/c 275 989

In either case, it would be helpful if you could let us know what you've done, so that we could say thank you for your payment! Please fill out the fields in the following email form and check the appropriate box to tell us whether you've sent a cheque or arranged a bank transfer - then hit the "Send" button.

Please note: You need to enter information into the fields marked with an asterisk, otherwise the email will not be sent.